Meet the Filmmaker

Will Beckett
Photo by Reg Clark

Will Beckett has been preparing for Prehistoric PEI all his life. As a little boy growing up in Seabright, Nova Scotia, Will spent a lot of time learning about dinosaurs and fossils in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. A family friend (and then-director of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic), Niels Jannasch, inspired him to learn as much as he could about the past. His parents and sister also gave him books about dinosaurs, and read him stories that filled his dreams with prehistoric monsters and spooky ancient landscapes.

After finishing high school, Will went to the University of King’s College in Halifax where he studied Journalism for four years, and worked as a writer and photographer for a bit. Then he continued his studies at the Nova Scotia Community College in Truro where he learned how to make Websites, movies and music using computers. While in school, Will made many friends from Prince Edward Island and fell in love with the place. As soon as he had a chance to move there in 1999, he did, and has stayed there ever since.

Will worked for many years on PEI designing promotional materials and Websites for a number of businesses, later earning a Marketing and Advertising Management diploma from Holland College. He took his camera with him during his long hikes in the country — even selling some of his photos, which had become very popular. After helping some of his filmmaker friends with their projects, Will made a film series of his own, called Arts on PEI. A lot of people seemed to like the series, so Will decided that the time had come to make Prehistoric PEI a reality.