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As a producer, Will Beckett believes in stretching the medium if it tells a better story. His latest film, In the Shallows: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks, is a short 360° underwater Virtual Reality odyssey through a small slice of Atlantic Canada's hidden history: the remains of the WWI shipwreck George N. Orr and the four-masted cargo barque Sovinto wrecked just off PEI's northern shores.

Will's largest project to date is an historical Web documentary entitled Prehistoric PEI. Released in early 2018 (and supplemented with video blog updates during the following two years), Prehistoric PEI represents Will's first foray into large-scale educational filmmaking. The project has garnered support from palaeontologists across Canada along with helpful funding assistance from the National Film Board of Canada.

Aside from filming original Web-and-broadcast-ready video content (in 4K UHD, standard HD and mobile-friendly 720p resolutions), Will can also perform a number of specialty services, including:

Commercial videos

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Enjoy this showcase of our commercial work, produced either independently or as part of established marketing teams.

Prehistoric PEI documentary

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Watch our original multi-part web documentary series, Prehistoric PEI, on our official YouTube channel.